Monday, February 14, 2011


So I know some of you out there probably know what this feels like
But let me just say that it sucks when you fall for your friend's crush.

It's almost inevitable,
because of the way she talks about him,
and you start to notice how attractive he is,
and when he starts to talk to you,
you can't help but notice how perfect his smile is
and how cute his hair is
and how attractive his voice is.

You just can't help but feel a twinge of regret
when she asks you to help her ask him to the dance
and when she talks about how sure she is
that he likes her.

But there's really nothing I can do now.

You're Beautiful


  1. Exactly or if you fall for your best guy friend who happens to be your best friend and you know he likes you but you can't do nothing about it since he left for college. It sucks. lol

  2. I definitely know how you feel. My friend's crush is me, in fact, and I've totally fallen for me. I think it's something about my eyes. That must be it. Oh yeay, and that friend I was talking about is my cat.

  3. Ahh, been there. Love your blog by the way, you write really beautifully.