Friday, September 30, 2011

Scoreboard. (Repeat)

I see you.
You, sitting there, right and 5 feet away.
Don't think I can't hear you.
Because every time you ignore me to my face and speak those hurting words that say
I hate you
I soak in a little more pain, 
Your spoken fragments crush my sense of judgement,
And my confidence slowly withers away
Until I am left as 
the laughing stock,
the screwball,
the freak.
Don't even try to lie.
Don't even say "it was a mistake and I couldn't think around you".
I know you better than you think.

Yes, I know I lost.
You don't have to make it worse.


Today was beautiful.

The way the trees were illuminated by the orange glow of the sun,
the way the pavement clung to the curves of the earth,
the way the brick houses reached towards the sky,
knowing that there was nothing above them for hundreds or thousands
of miles.

The way the sun slipped under the earth,
the way the moon crept into the sky,
the way the light faded to dark,
signaling the flight
of the night creatures.

Tomorrow is my birthday
and I wish that every day moving forward
will be more beautiful than the last.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I am so so so so so so sorry that I've been gone so long!
My computer basically blew up
(no it didn't just stopped connecting to the internet)
and it took me a couple weeks to get a new one...
so here I am!

I'm taking the next week off the look at colleges...
I wonder where I'll end up next year?

Ttyl! :)