Monday, June 20, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Pudding

Last Thursday my sister and I were bored and decided to do some baking.  I made chocolate chip cookies and she made pudding, because my face still hurt from getting my wisdom teeth out.  Both were delicious! Here are some pictures:

And all the dishes we had to clean up!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I figured that getting my wisdom teeth out would mean sitting in bed and blogging all day while drinking Jamba Juice.  Well, I was wrong.
Instead, it meant:
Lying on the couch all day watching TV because I hurt too much to move
Not eating for 22 hours the first day
Not being able to swallow the pain medication because my lips and tongue were numb from anesthesia
Puking everything I ate the second day because the penicillin made me sick
Cheeks swelling up to twice their normal size
aaaaand a lot more

So long story short, I didn't get around to blogging til now.  And, not surprisingly, I don't have much to talk about, considering I have been sort of lifeless the past couple days.  So what's up with you guys?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tunnel [Repeat]

Every month, I'm going to post one of my favourite posts from this same month, a year ago, and it'll have [repeat] next to the name so you'll know it's a repeat post.

Sometimes people have intentions
and expectations
and believe they know what they are doing
and think they know what will happen.

You can be so sure of something,
so focused,
but even then you can be thrown off path.

Nothing can change destiny,
no matter how hard you plead.
Things happen for a reason,
whether to learn something,
to prove something,
to gain something,
or to lose something,
so make the best of what life throws at you.

I did.
And if I didn't,
I would not be here now.
I wouldn't be sitting in this measly motel room typing on a laptop
waiting for the 16U game to start.
I would be in the 18U game.
Possibly a starter.
That is what I've always wanted, right?
To be the best I can be?
But sometimes life throws a curveball at you
and I had to change.
I realized that I couldn't go on like this
progressing at such a slow rate.

I tried my best but in the end,
I lost my head
but I gained my heart back.
another who can complete me
and won't leave me crying soft tears into my pillow at night.
One who wants the best for me,
honestly and truly.
It's not a joke.
Because he is doing everything he can for me.

And maybe at the end of the day,
when my best is not good enough for the team,
it's good enough for him.
And maybe this is what everything has been leading up to.

The future knows that it's better for me to be happy
than for me to be the best.
It knows that I can't take the pressure,
and still come through healthy in the end.

I've never felt this way before.
It's like every other post where I've written my feelings
was only minor compared to the way I feel now.
Because normally,
I head into the darkness blindly,
and stumble
and fall
but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
And that's where I meet you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trains and Brains

I got a new header title thing! I think it looks cool :) also, I had to delete some of my other blogs because while I had time for them, I realize I did not quite have that much to say...but I kept my music one! I'll probably post my fav recipes and outfits here instead.

On another note, does anyone what the +1 button is at the bottom of my posts? cause it just decided to pop up the other day and I was curious about it. Yep.

I feel so horrible right now, mostly because I have a headache that feels like a train is going through my head.  I just started morning practices this week for water polo, and they're killing me.  I have 1.5 hours in the morning and 3 in the evening so I go to bed at 10 and wake up at 5 :( not fun.  At least I'll get better...hopefully...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Top 5 Hotties

(in no particular order)

1. Alex Pettyfer
I don't really need to describe this one, I think it speaks for itself.  Ever since Stormbreaker, he's been my man.

2.  Wolverine
Like, not Hugh Jackman.  Wolverine.  Okay I swear this isn't weird, but I can explain.  Hugh Jackman is like 43 or something, so he's like my parents age.  Wolverine, on the other hand, is not that old and just has this attractive look to him.  Everyone I've talked to thinks he looks weird with his hair and claws and all that, but whatever, I think it's hot.  And rugged.  Which is hot.

3.  Logan Lerman
I like how even though he's one of those typical teenage heartthrob-type material boys, he's not super popular like Taylor Lautner.  He's on the quieter, less crazy side of famous life.  And he's super cute. 

4.  Reeve Carney
Okay so I was watching American Idol Season 10 finale and this spiderman act came on from the broadway musical and I was like "Oh great. This is gonna be weird".  But it was super cool!! Bono was singing and wrote the music for the whole musical I think and this guy Reeve Carney sings the chorus and was super attractive! And his voice is like heaven.  So here's the American Idol performance (you can buy the song on iTunes, "Rise Above 1") and the album cover for the single.

5.  James Marsden
So if you couldn't tell by now, I have this very recent obsession with X-Men.  I know, it's pretty late, but I just watched the first 3 movies on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night and I'm dying cause I need to watch Wolverine: Origins.  But anyways...I was so caught up with Wolverine that I didn't even notice Cyclops (it doesn't help that he wears glasses and his face is hidden) but when he took off his glasses in the third movie, it clicked and I was just like, wow.  Plus I realized then that he was in Enchanted! And that's why he looked so familiar.  Yeah. He's hot.