Sunday, November 13, 2011

Circle (Repeat)

I don't really know why I'm thinking about this
a week after it happened
but I am.

I want you to know that when they asked us
who we thought was fearless
I didn't say your name
and for some reason this bothers me now.

I know you'll never see this,
but I'll say it just in case you'll know some how.

I wish you knew that I think you are fearless
even when everyone else thinks of somebody else,
but I think of you
because you're like me,
but only a lot better in every way.

I just wish now that I had spoken up
when I had the chance.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I wish I could put into words
how much I love things that are real.

The way the birch trees bend in the autumn breeze,
the way the fog rolls in over the lake,
the way the grey sky reflects on the water
enveloping me.

But yet it is soft,
and is the most comfortable blanket I own,

No harsh touch could ever upset the calm nature of these surroundings,
that I long to be a part of.
The tender melting of the sky into the water
and the stark contrast of the trees with the grey
is an image impossible to be captured.

I fall for people
who remind me of these images.
Who has a deep, grey side,
but also a soft, romantic side as well.

These are the people who make me realize
who I want to be
and why I have to change.

Although nothing could ever be as remarkable as the constellation-filled sky,
you come pretty close.