Thursday, May 26, 2011


How do you know when to stop
and when to keep going?

I've been thinking about breaking up for a few weeks now,
but every time you do something sweet and I realize I can't.
You're too nice to me when I don't deserve it,
you are always there to talk to me,
and you love me more than words can describe.

But then there are the things that aren't right.
You don't listen to me when I'm trying to fix things,
you can't bear to be separated,
and I'm just not happy in this relationship always.

There's a part of me that really loves you,
because you're a great guy,
and I could never leave you so heartbroken and lonely.

But there's also a part of me that misses being single
and free
and being able to do whatever I want to do
and not have to worry about spending all my free time with you.

I've tried to tell you that I need a little more space,
but you just don't get it.
I'm starting to wonder if that's a sign.

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  1. hmmm...sounds like a difficult position to be in...hope you find out what really makes you happy :)

  2. i follow all your blogs now! :)
    I know exactly how you feel right now, I've been in that same position a month ago, and it sucks. My advice: talk! It really helped me. Hope you figure it all out, I stay tuned!

  3. thanks guys! yeah I'll try talking to him about it, but I'm a lil bit nervous :/

  4. It's really important in any relationship to still have time for yourself doing the things you love to do. Anything too much can be bad.

    I hope you and your guy will work things out. Tell him that on the day you're two not together he can also do the things he love. When you talk to him focus on the benefit of having a little space rather than focusing on the negative. That way he see the beauty of not spending too much time together. Good luck.

  5. Hmmm.. My latest guest post is about this one, How can you tell if you've had enough. How can you tell if it's time to give up.. I guess these are personal decisions. You just have to know if that person or the love you're fighting for is WORTH the time, the love, the effort.. and the tears. :)

    Good day! followed you, btw. Hope you could follow back. :)

  6. hi, i am actually wondering how you are doing right now. Did you talk to him? It is okay to be nervous, it would be weird if you weren't ;)
    well, let me know :)