Thursday, June 16, 2011


I figured that getting my wisdom teeth out would mean sitting in bed and blogging all day while drinking Jamba Juice.  Well, I was wrong.
Instead, it meant:
Lying on the couch all day watching TV because I hurt too much to move
Not eating for 22 hours the first day
Not being able to swallow the pain medication because my lips and tongue were numb from anesthesia
Puking everything I ate the second day because the penicillin made me sick
Cheeks swelling up to twice their normal size
aaaaand a lot more

So long story short, I didn't get around to blogging til now.  And, not surprisingly, I don't have much to talk about, considering I have been sort of lifeless the past couple days.  So what's up with you guys?


  1. ouch! i hope you're feeling better now. my dentist told me my wisdom teeth won't need to be extracted and to just let them grow. which means they pain occasionally. i wish i could get rid of them totally :O
    *big fat hug*

  2. OUCH. Did you eat ice cream?

  3. Furree: thanks! you're so lucky :) but then again, if they hurt... :/
    it wasn't too bad though, because painkillers are awesome :)
    aww *big fat hug back*

    Eeshie: yup! and milkshakes and smoothies :)