Thursday, January 20, 2011



     So this fall, the weirdest thing ever happened to me. Me and my best friend (we'll call her T) were hanging out and her mom had to go to the library so we were like okay we'll come in too.  So we walk in, and we head to the "teen" section.  It's this tiny room with a closed door and another door that leads to a secluded, empty patio.  There are 2 small green couches facing each other, so T and I sit down together on one of them.  We're super bored, so we start flipping through a magazine.  We're all alone, so we're laughing and talking and joking around.  
     The door opens and a tall black guy walks in.   He's wearing dark baggy jeans with a red design on the pocket and a plain white shirt.  He walks straight through to the patio, and is talking on a cell phone.  He hangs up, comes back inside to the small room, picks up a magazine, and sits down directly in front of us, with the magazine sitting straight up on his lap.  The doors are closed, so it's really awkward and silent in there, so my friend and I are awkwardly flipping through a bunch of magazines.  
     We decide to get up and get another magazine.  We walk back and as I'm sitting down I look over to the guy, who looked about in his late teens and fairly normal, to see what he was doing.  At first I don't believe my eyes, because I'm kind of this little innocent teenage girl, but then I do a doubletake and it's real.  His dick was completely out of his pants, right under the magazine, sitting right in front of me and T.  My heart drops out of my chest. At first I can't think.  The heat leaves my body and I feel so sick and I start to sweat. My heart is pounding out of chest and I think "holy crap. What if he's going to rape us.  What if we get raped." T still hadn't noticed that anything was wrong and was giggling and looking at the magazine.  I don't want to say anything out loud, so I pull out my phone and text her: "We have to get out of here now."
     So we get up and leave, and as we're leaving two ladies walk into the room.  I wonder if they saw what I saw.  


  1. Snap. That's just a bit creepy and disgusting. Good thing you got out of there.

    There's some weeeeeeeeeird people out there.

  2. OMG.
    i would have freaked. :P

  3. OHMY

    that's creepy

    And at a library, too. I always thought that libraries were safe-havens, free from potential rapists :(