Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hot dayum.
Who knew that in a year, I'd be this good.
Okay, I kind of sound self-centered,
but I'm still on my high from yesterday.
6 goals 5 assists 4 sprints won
and who knows how many steals.
Hot dammmmmn.
I'm so proud of myself,
and everything good in my life has finally happened
all in the beginning of the New Year.
Looks like I finally can see everything.

Everyone who thinks they're something better than they actually are
Everyone who is too desperate and settles for anything they can get
Everyone who is too weak to stand up for what they want
Everyone who is too pathetic to come talk to my face
Boy or girl,
Attention-craving douchebag or obnoxious bitch,
Sophomore or junior,
can kiss my ass
cause I'm on fire.

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