Sunday, January 16, 2011


I so wish I was a model.
Or at least had the hair,
the body,
the eyes,
the skin,
the clothes,
the makeup.

So here's my plan/new year's resolution:
I'm going to grow my hair out super long and pretty,
go on a diet (cut down on snack foods=MORE FRUITS AND VEGGIES),
get my eyebrows professionally shaped,
go to a dermatologist (first appointment February!),
sort through my closet and buy new clothes,
Buy better makeup.

Now here are some of my fav pics of girls who are like modely, idk if they're actually models...hehe

And I'm definitely going to keep posting pics of other models etc. as I find ones I like/love.

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  1. your blogs so cute! i have no idea why i'm not following it already :L xoxo