Saturday, June 12, 2010


Teach me how to be myself.

My greatest weakness
is knowing how to react
and follow through with the actions
that Hannah would do.

To learn
what Hannah would learn.
To speak
what Hannah would speak.
To grow
as Hannah would grow.

I can write a list of things I like
and my favorites
and who likes who
and fairytale stories
in my diary,
but that does not describe Hannah.

Hannah is the adjectives that are inferred and determined
through her actions
and words spoken
and appearances.
As of now,
I know perfectly well who hannah is,
but I have yet to learn who Hannah is.


  1. I really like this.
    And I'd love if you helped me write a song. :D

  2. hha yes! do you have an aim so we can chat? it might be easier
    or an email?

  3. i don't have an aim, sadly.
    but i do have email.