Thursday, January 27, 2011


There's something funny about people
and the actions they choose to make,
the tones their voices speak in,
the strange habits they take to.

Some people drive me insane.

I hate the way she speaks to me
and how degrading her voice sounds.
Does she really think she's that much better than me?
But I know what everyone says about her behind her back.
"What kind of a guy would ever want to date her?"

I hate the way everyone falls in love with her
and she knows it and plays with them.
They really think they have a chance, don't they?
But I know what everyone says about her behind her back.
"Why are you so insecure that you play games with their hearts?"

I hate the way she laughs so loud
and talks so loud like everything she says is important.
Why do you create fake drama out of thin air?
But I know what everyone says about her behind her back.
"Only desperate people care that much about drama".

There are some serious problems with the way we all view the world today.
Whether you're the person talking behind others' backs,
or the girl who's too insecure, desperate, or selfish and makes others suffer because of it,
and maybe it is your fault that people call you these names.
Maybe there's a fine balance in life, and one group or the other is always tipping it.
But I think that everyone needs to pull through and put their work in
so we can all relax and stop being so uptight about everyone around them.
I'm doing my part but trying to stop being so judgmental,
and it would help if the people that acted so bitchy could please stop.
Be better today.



  1. My thoughts exactly.

    Judgment always seems to make everything worse.

  2. I liked this post, especially the poem bit. I laughed when I read the words "slut" and "bitch" because they're bad words.

    Anyway, I hope you succeed in knocking some sense into this girl by means of your fist.