Monday, January 24, 2011


Ugh! What a crappy day.
I hate getting back midterms,
especially when your average is a 80%.

My back is really sore
from practicing "snapping" at set
at my private water polo lesson yesterday
which was very helpful.

I can't believe that a little over a month ago,
(1 month 12 days to be exact)
everything was going my way.

Too bad the curtain fell just a little too late.

Lost In The World


  1. Your average is 80%? And you don't like that?? Haha my average is like 60%, I'd be sailing along without a care in the world if I averaged 80% :P

    And it took me a while, but I did eventually like, if not love, Lost in the World. I like Power better, personally.

  2. Yeah my school is tough and has high expectations, its not so nice :(

    but yeah Iike a bunch of the songs on that album, plus Hell of a Life, I might post a couple more on my next blog posts

  3. I'm not really a fan of him as an artist, but even I have to admit he has some killer beats and damn good production values

  4. if my average was an 80 my parents would love me.
    i don;t think they've ever loved me.