Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lou Dog [Repeat]

If anyone was watching,
they would've seen her running through the field
with scratches and bug bites all cut up on her legs
and they would've seen her wearing
a Ralph Lauren hot pink swim suit with ruffles
and Havianas flip flops just like the beach.

They would've seen her race into the woods
as fast as her legs could work
and they would've seen her run straight into the log
and the 2 parallel lines of blood
slipping down her right leg.

They would've seen her kick off the muddy shoes
and tip toe over the slimy rocks
into the shallow water
and they would've seen her belly flop straight into the current
and come up gasping for air
as the cold drug seeped into her skin.

They would've seen her leap onto shore,
blood freshly dripping onto her feet
and quickly run back through the woods
wishing that she wasn't so far into reality.

If anyone had been watching,
they would've seen her and smiled.
They might've laughed.

And he did.
Watching from behind the pine tree,
Knowing she was a klutz
and silently laughing when she cut her leg,
and praying she'd come back after the entered the forest.

Because he,
with his scrawny little white body
and crazy in awe back muscles,
has known her since she was a baby.

And she doesn't even know.


  1. whats the story dude? =p
    who is he n how does he know her??? =p
    *good script*

  2. wow, this was really nice. i love it! ♥
    it gave me the chills at the end :O
    i want to know the whole story! it'll make a great series :D

  3. Ooh who is he? :D
    Loved the imagery. It all seemed so real!

  4. I love the mystery in this...

    btw come check out my giveaway!!

  5. This is some good stuff. I always wonder how long it takes you to write these and what your process is. Do you just sit there, start writing and it all just flows? Or is it a slower, lengthier process where you more carefully structure everything and plan it out?

  6. This was beautiful. Just like someone else I loved the imagery you created with your excellent choices of words!