Monday, August 8, 2011


Is it normal to have dreams about hooking up with other people when you have a boyfriend?
Because every night for the past week I've been dreaming of hooking up with super hot guys in my life.
I read online that these dreams don't mean that you're not faithful,
but that they point to something you wish you had in your relationship.
But the only thing these guys have in common is that they're super attractive.


  1. Aw. I exactly feel the same, somehow, maybe.

  2. Its okay, a few nights ago I had a dream that I was having sex with a girl.
    I don't know whats worse.

  3. hahhahahaha-

    enjoy the dreams lol

  4. A few weeks ago I read an article about dreams. It said that when you dream about being with someone other than your significant other that it DOESNOT mean you want to cheat on your significant other or leave them. It just means that these people you are dreaming about must have some characteristics in common with your significant other. Characteristics that you like and find attractive. Maybe your boyfriend is really sweet and treats women right? And maybe the guys you are dreaming about have this in common with him?

  5. Maryam: :P haha :)
    Kassndrah: hahaha at least I don't have sex with them! That comforts me to know I'm not perverted secretly or something hha
    fatima:thanksss :P
    Sunny: well that's good then! It makes sense, because all of the guys are really nice.
    Blond Guy: spanish is hot ;) haha

  6. Depends if it happens multiple times with the SAME guy in each dream...


  7. I don't think it's bad, I've had dreams of going out like on dates with other people but never fooling around with them. It's all a dream, I say have fun with it especially if they are hot :)