Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sea-Green Eyes

Okay, so I had another weeeeird dream last night.

It started off like this......

So a couple of my friends and I were walking in this designer showcase type thing,
but for swimming pools.
We were at this kind of reclusive pool in the back of the exhibit,
and I slipped and fell in.
The weather was nice and it was sunny out, so I laughed it off and was swimming around.
When it started to get dark out,
my friends decided to leave, but I stayed in a little while longer.
Right as I was about to get out,
my ex-boyfriend, Will, pops out of nowhere
and jumps into the pool with me.
I don't think we had an actual conversation,
but we started playfully splashing each other with water
and swimming underwater together and playfully fighting.
Then it's almost pitch black and Will says
"I better get back to my hotel,
I have an early flight back to college tomorrow.
Do you want to walk me back?"
So I say sure
and we appear in the hallway of the hotel.
We stop in front of his door and I'm thinking,
we're going to kiss. It's undeniable.
But suddenly the door flies open,
and a redheaded chick pops her head out.
Hannah, this is my girlfriend.
Ohhhh snapppp that's awkward.
So we stand there awkwardly for a few minutes,
and we have that major we-almost-kissed tension,
like it won't go away until we kiss for real,
so we hug
and he kisses me on the cheek
and I walk away
feeling like the
with a weird empty feeling in my body.

Real Life:
My ex-boyfriend is actually in college right now,
and he actually does have a redheaded girlfriend.
I however, don't like him like that
and I'm 100% sure he doesn't like me like that.
I believe that the only reason I dreamt this is because I regret breaking up with him.

Come On Get Higher


  1. I was 14 and he was 17 and I wasn't ready for something that intimate with someone that much older than me, and it made me kind of uncomfortable, but now I realize that he actually would've been very good for me in the long run.

  2. Aw :/

    I hate it when my dreams reveal things about me that I'd much rather not think about anymore. Unless I have some sort of proper closure in a situation, random dreams about things like that creep up on me and hit me on the head :p

  3. You never know. Mabey later on he will relize how much you ment to him and he will come back to you. I'm just saying, this is what my mom told me when someone really close to me left for college and you know what it did kind of happen the way my mom said. lol