Friday, February 18, 2011

Kitty Purry

Okay so it's been some days since my last post,
but my post today is dedicated to Katy Perry!
Growing up I've never had any favorite celebrities or role models,
but I bought Katy Perry's whole Teenage Dream album yesterday,
and I was surprised that I loved so many of the songs on it.
I've always had a kind of weird impression of her,
mostly because of her bizarre outfits.
But the thing I realized about Katy Perry is that even though she may wear scandalous things sometimes,
she exudes this enormous amount of confidence and happiness with everything she does.
And I also love her makeup.
And some of her outfits.
And her music.

Some of my favorite songs on the album:
Peacock Remix

Teenage Dream Remix

Not Like The Movies

So here are my favorite pics of her:
I love how her makeup is so natural yet so pretty.

Love this whole outfit.

One of my most fav outfits that's not from the red carpet

Love the hat and makeup.

Love the easy pretty makeup and gorgeous dress.

So pretty and classy, one of her best outfits in my opinion.

I love the sleek ponytail and sparkles.

This glowing dress was SO cool! Great idea

Very classy and gorgeous, love the hair and makeup.

The dress is hot and I love the shoes and makeup.

Modest dress but still pretty.

Once again I love the sparkles and lips.


Sparkles. And I love her hair.

Very classy and I loved the natural makeup.

Fun outfit and makeup.

Absolutely gorgeous dress.

Sparkly dress and awesome heels.

Love her sunglasses, this is from her Teenage Dream music video.


  1. I LOVE Katy Perry! :P I'm not normally into mainstream music, but she is one of the mainstream artists that I really love listening to. I have Teenage Dream also :P My favourites are The One That Got Away, Hummingbird Heartbeat and Teenage Dream. :)

  2. YES! The One that Got Away and Hummingbird Heartbeat are also my favs...I love every song on the album!