Saturday, February 26, 2011

Room for Two

It's not that I'm head-over-heels,
completely fallen for him,
it's just that I've got those kind of butterflies
every time we make eye contact,
every time he smiles at me.

I've generated two very different responses
from my best girl friend
and my best guy friend.

The guy essentially said, "He fingered this girl at a New Year's Eve party, and gets wasted all the time. He's not your type, and I think he likes the girl who asked him to the dance. If I were you I would just be friends and nothing more."
The girl essentially said, "OMG! He totally has some sort of thing for you. At the least, he thinks you're attractive. What if he asked you to prom?! I'm gonna help you talk to him!"

So at this point I'm completely confused and I have no idea where to go from here.

Teenage Dream (Remix) -> I know I've already posted this, but I love it!


  1. Find out if that NYE party thing is true or not, and I guess if you can take the frat-boyness from the always rinking thing, go for it.