Monday, February 7, 2011


Sorry I've been gone for 4 days or so,
Phillie called.

I'm supposed to be doing my english homework,
but everytime I pause,
my mind wanders,
and I think about every guy that was a
but wasn't anything at all.

I've definitely had at least 6.
I don't think that's very good
or okay at all.

Am I the problem?
Maybe I hold back too much
because I'm scared of messing everything up
and I don't want to lose him before anything even happened.
But I always lose him anyway.

Is he the problem?
Maybe he's too intimidated by me,
because he thinks I'm expecting him to do something
and doesn't want to make the first move.
But he should learn he'll never get a girl that way.

But after all this,
it could just be my poor judgment.
Maybe I'm fatally attracted to boys who
don't have the balls to make the first move,
don't ever follow through,
and don't ever make an effort.

Or maybe I'm just not that great of a prize for their effort.

Found Out About You


  1. Ahhhhh, the First Step... the doozy, the one I can never seem to do. I still uphold the firm belief that if girls made the first move, there would be no single people in this world.

    But whatever, guess us guys just have to man-up.

  2. haah really? guys get scared? it's kinda funny

  3. Haha I don't know about 'scared', I guess 'wuss-out' would be a more appropriate term... for me anyway :P

    yeah it sucks bigtime...