Thursday, February 10, 2011


Every action I make
always reminds me of someone else
and who I was back then.

I wish I could change.
Reliving the past is my kryptonite,
but I can't stop.
Every song, every picture, every place,
every moment
is filled with usually painful remembrance.

My phone is the worst.
Every flirty text I ever sent
was from that heart-wrenching device
and every time a relationship stopped,
my phone was there
just watching me fail and flounder.
This is why I've changed my AIM username so many times...

But no matter how much I keep changing
just to try to escape these painful times and memories,
they will always remind me of a better, happier time,
that I don't have right now.



  1. But who would we be without our past? And even without our mistakes? They shape us, to an extent, I believe. They're hard at the time, definitely, but down the line we're better off because of them. They make us stronger.

    That's my daily dose of philisophisation :P

  2. I really love your blog girl! :)
    I'm following you!