Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Empty Echo

My ex best guy friend is in love with my best girl friend
and he is the most unhygienic, idiotic, selfish, immature boy
I have ever met in my whole life.
I'd stake my life on that statement.

From claiming he can never hold a relationship,
to flirting with everyone he looks at,
from lying to a person's face
to talking behind their back
from blowing his nose in the same tissue he uses to pick his bloody pimples
to drawing unnecessary attention to himself,
I have had it with all of his ridiculous antics
and vain attempts to become popular.
I see through it all.

You mask your insecurities by giving people what they what
and then manipulating them in return.

But it's too late.
I see through your thick facade
that blinds everyone.
That used to blind me.

But I'm so over you
and everything you do.

I built this monster out of you.
You used to be weak and insecure and lonely
until I came along and strengthened your confidence in yourself
and created someone who had never been more sure of himself.
You are perpetually in this state of assurance
and I'm still working on finding a way to shatter it.
If only you knew that I know the truth behind your illusion.

I know your act better than I know myself
at times
and that's the one thing I can rely on.

I know your foibles
and I know your flaws

So take that, Daniel,
and see how far your capers take you.
Maybe not now,
but in ten years
we will see who won.

And I bet everything I own that you will fall, Daniel.
Long live the king.


1 comment:

  1. Coming from a completely unbiased perspective, this "Daniel" character seems like a real douchebag. It's a good thing you realized what kind of person he truly is--uggh and that thing about the tissue...GROSS!! Honey, you're better off without him!!