Saturday, April 23, 2011


So my friend Ash has tagged me in this little questionnaire, so here goes!

What did you do ten years ago?
Well I would be six, so that means I was in first grade at the American British Academy in Oman.  Pretty cool, eh?

What did you do one year ago?
Hmm...well I would've just been recovering from my concussion and trying to catch up on all the schoolwork I missed while I was out for a month of school :(

Five snacks that you like?
Edamame, cheesy rice puffs, goldfish, gummies, popcorn

Five songs which you know the whole lyrics to?
Waaay too many, but:

Love The Way You Lie - Rihanna and Eminem
Lovestoned - Justin Timberlake
Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
Not Like The Movies - Katy Perry
Give Me Everything - Pitbull

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire?
Donate to an animal shelter, donate to my sisters college fund, give some to my parents for retirement, put some in the bank, and then SHOPPING SPREE

Five bad habits?
Saying "sorry", giggling at everything during spanish class, breathing out of the wall (swimming lingo), procrastinating, and not getting high out of the water (water polo)

Five things you like to do?
Listen to music! Facebook stalk (jk?), shop, cuddle with my dog, Buddy, and play water polo

Five things you would never dress in or buy?
When girls wear leggings with like a short shirt and their whole booty is sticking out for the world, it's like, put on some pants!!! and one of those "I love my boyfriend shirts!" and a wig, and strapless top to school, and and thong to the beach

Five favourite toys?
don't have any?

Five people you'd like to see take this quiz?

(trying to pick people who haven't already been chosen...) 
Sunny & Star, erica marie, Lonneke, Cassandra, and Kay


  1. Nice questionnaire. I also like the song I love the way you lie but i don't think I know all the lyrics. happy sunday!

  2. You were in Oman? Awesome. Tell moar.

  3. Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you back! :) Cute blog :D

  4. mayen: happy sunday to you too! :)

    ash: well we lived there a year and I went to school, it was pretty cool! we would go camping a lot too

    Fatimaa.5: thanks! :)

  5. i always wear leggings as pants. D:
    i don't have much of a booty though

  6. haha sorry! :P :/ you can wear them as pants, I just am not really a fan when the shirt you wear with it is suuuuper short :/

  7. you were six ten years ago?

    i'm so old. :|

  8. haha, I was reading and then I just say my name and it took a moment to realize it was actually me, haha. Really nice tough, haha, I'm going to fill it in RIGHT NOW! :)