Saturday, April 24, 2010


My second name is Lazy.
That's what it appears to be on the surface,
but if they only knew why then they might think something different...

I have so much to deal with,
that sometimes I don't want to do anything.
Some days,
I can't face the world.
I can't get up.
And sure, you might say this is a teenager thing,
but as the year drags by, with few moments to laugh about,
the days grow longer,
and slowly drift by
as I make nothing of my existence.

When I leave this world,
what footprint will I leave in my place?
I don't know.
I wish I was one of those people who say
"I'm going to face the fire,
conquer my enemies,
and live in my dreams"
But I'm the kind of person who says
"I'm going to sleep in today,
hope something good happens,
and dream through my whole life."

I have all these dreams
that will never come true
because I don't have the might,
the mental strength,
or the fight to push through the hard times.

You can either to live and barely slip by,
or make everything worth it.
This is the difference between living and Living.

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