Monday, April 26, 2010


I can't even count the number of days I've been in denial.
And now I know it's true.
How could I not see the inevitability of me falling in love with you?
It's incredible.
And late...

If only I had realized this sooner,
before I was rejected a few weeks ago.
When you were always the one who would
dance with me,
talk to me,
walk with me,
laugh with me,
and hug me,
when I was the one who accepted it without second thoughts.

But when I hurt,
and you weren't there,
it deepened the suffering by a million times.
You will never understand the depth to which I dreamt late at night
of only one chance to make things right with you.
Broken fragments,
floating above my head,
of the times we spent together happily.
I miss those carefree summer dog days.

I can only wish that I could've known sooner.
It took a lot of pain to realize how much you meant to me,
but I needed to suffer to figure this out.

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