Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I love this feeling of falling.
I will walk to the music,
and follow in your footsteps
always behind you,
but never beside.

I can look up to the sky,
and know that the rain is listening to me.
It tells me to keep moving,
and I do.

With every step,
the water grazes my face gently,
pressing me on passionately,
and I am happy.

I ran down the stairs,
laughing until I saw your eyes
and everything sunk in again.

But noon changed this.
I am no longer hiding in your shadow,
but outside of the snowglobe
looking in at your mistakes.
And I will reflect on you,
and carelessly accept that this is how it goes.

I'm alright now,
and I will always be from this moment.

~I'll never be your beast of burden~