Friday, April 9, 2010


You don't need to change yourself when people love who you are.
But you don't seem to know that.

I wish it was like a movie,
where everything moves in slow motion,
and you're walking away,
in a daze
and I see you and I know what you've done and I could've stopped it
and I turn around and you see me and I'm crying,
and you understand what you've done wrong
and you apologize a million times
and you hold me in your arms
and we hug
and the world

But that's not how it went.

It went like a typical high school dance gone wrong.
The couples making out and snuggling like it's supposed to be,
the ex-boyfriend with one of your good friends, practically getting it on,
the typical girl running away from the scene with her best friend
begging her not to cry
but it's already too late.
and then you know it's bad when he walks back into the picture
in a daze
and you se me crying
but you don't know why
and you say you're sorry
but with that lost, bewildered, tired tone I've grown to know over the past night.
And you don't even know.

I can cry.
I can let my feelings pour like rain from the ceiling of my bedroom,
but nothing will ever be the same.
I can let the water float me,
then drown me,
and it won't change a thing.

I can't hide it.
You've changed.
The world cries with me.


  1. agh, now i'm crying, but i think i was before i read this.
    its so true though, that makes it beautiful

  2. thanks haha yeah everytime I start reading it I cry again too