Friday, April 30, 2010


They say when you find love,
it's aways easy, flowing, and magical.
But I beg to differ.

Love is a rough road to drive down,
full of potholes, boulders, bumps, and detours.
But it's not about cheating
and taking an airplane instead;
it's about learning who you are through the journey.

Many say that love is about finding your soulmate,
the perfect person who will always be there for you,
and love you no matter what happens.
But it's not supposed to solely depend on your lover;
it depends on how you change yourself.
A healthy relationship is one where you can see yourself grow,
and blossom,
and grow confidence
and learn who you're supposed to be.

An unhealthy one stops,
cuts off the flow of blood,
until all circulation ceases.

All I ever wanted from you
was to have you love me,
but now I know better.
I really need you to lead me down the path
of self-discovery,
and I think I chose you correctly.
Please don't prove me wrong.

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