Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Barrel Roll

Last night I had a dream that I was dying of a lung disease.
But that's irrelevant.
I realized that as I get deeper and deeper into a situation,
I give up on trying to extricate myself from the mess
and instead just look back on the simpler times
and wish I could go back to then.

I think that's why,
when I look at you,
I'm so attracted.
I am worried that your appeal to me is solely because I could start over
with a clean slate.

I always fall for the intriguing,
mysterious men and I never learn that this never works out for me.
I think I'm still waiting for one tangled boy
to come to me
and make up for the mistakes that all the previous ones had made.
But will you fulfill this?
Everything seems perfect,
or so I've been told,
but I'm too afraid of getting hurt.
You must prove to me that you're worth fighting for,
and maybe then I'll fall hard.

But knowing me,
it doesn't take much
to go head over heels
in 2 seconds.

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