Saturday, May 15, 2010


So here I am, babysitting (I didn't kill the kid yet which is a good sign...)
and it seems like just yesterday I was living in Massachusetts and I was the one being babysat.
I've come a long way from the Hannah I used to be,
and the journey was worth it.
Here are some of my more favorite moments in my life (and me growing up):

I think this was kindergarten...

Oman when I was in first grade.

My sister and I in my favorite beech tree in MA.

I swear I didn't kill the dog! Buddy as a puppy with me as a 5th grader.

Sixth grade at Sequoia.

Learning to surf in Hawaii, 7th grade...these were the pre-bikini days...

Sister bonding time; Hawaii.

Winning a visual art award.

8th grade graduation.

Tessa and I at Lake Havasu, Arizona, summer after 8th grade.

After hiking Mt. Washington, NH.

Anna and I backpacking through Escalante, Utah, freshman year.

Frosh volleyball- (aka life before water polo)

The start of my water polo career :)

Las Vegas with Sallie on our Father-Daughter trip.

I guess I kinda had to put prom in here...

Slalom skiing in New Hampshire.

This is priceless :)

Buddy and I, all grown up :)

Varsity polo :)

Winter Formal '09

Sister, sister...

Christmas '09

Junior Dance '10  (best high school dance so far...)

More of that sister love...

Bahamas Spring Break '10

My fourth year sailing...first year in the Caribbean

All the friends :) ASB Dance '10

My dad is a world-famous scientist :) oh and hey there James Cameron...

Couldn't forget my little sister :)

Sums up my friends/life...haha

Someday, we're gonna be crazy.

Well, life is a tough journey to travel through, but I'm so glad I'm here right now :)
Thank you world for throwing crazy turns in my path,
and teaching me how to survive.
I owe you my life.

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