Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring to the Sky

If my life was a musical made into a movie, these would be the numbers:

1. Prelude (Involving the entire cast, friends, enemies, boys, the whole deal including actual dancing and basically describing my life and how it is happy and water polo and school and butterflies yay)
2. The First Dilemma (lead character and unnamed hot boy at the pool deck, loads of anticipation about something that might happen)
3. Your Smooth Moves Shine in the Light of Your Smile (Lots of talking and princess dresses and loud music and most of the cast and boys putting jackets on pretty girls who smell like fire)
4. Lonely Nights (waiting in the snow and just the lead character and loads of lost anticipation about something that could've happened)
5. The Daily Grind (Life going back to normal, getting ready for some party that has low standards and will probably be not-so-decent)
6. The Way I Feel [Climber] (The post-party feeling of happiness and ecstasy and "did this just happen?" and nothing is better and you know you're on the verge of something huge but your too happy and elated to think clearly)
7. The Way You Feel [I Don't Know] (new boy, extremely bipolar, lots of computers and phones)
8. The Way You Feel [Reprise] (Switch to minor key, dark notes signifying confusion and miscommunication)
9. A Rock and a Hard Place (Lying down in grass and picking clovers, while another boy stands behind with the bomb in his hand, already imploded on themselves)
10.  Butterflies (too much assumption that the night will be good, this scene provides irony for the next)
11. A Rock and a Hard Place (Crying, darkness but flashing lights and the whole cast)
12. The Goal of a Fighter (can anyone say CIF...mhmm?)
13. The Way I Feel [Reprise] (Finally everything works out right and happily ever after yay awesome party attack)
14. Closing Number (same as opening...full cast...i just need a name..)

and so basically i might actually write lyrics for these numbers one day...keep tuned...

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