Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flush Forever

In perspective,
it's a child's games,
that we used to play at recess
on the playground,
with all the classmates singing about us being in a tree
and k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

But this innocence is found once again
in the way you smile at me,
face blushing pink,
and I grin and say hey.

It's found when you turn around
and wave
and I flashback to the times when we would skip together
in the grass
under the sun
and share a reluctant hug goodbye

And although these moments
are cherished,
the ones I love the most are those
when you hold me
and it means something,
no longer playing,
and my future flashes in front of my eyes.

there's the worst part,
when I realize how much I've matured.
She talked today of how the children are so young,
and do not understand the truth
in life and death
but I know.
It's valuable,
and coming so close to losing it left a scar on me.
I wear it every day and try to forget,
but I am not pure.
I lost my one chance of being reborn
by committing to this mistake.

Someday you might understand,
but you're too young now,
so I won't try to develop this seeing in your eyes
in order to heal mine.

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