Thursday, May 27, 2010

Breakover (Song)

Here's the beginning of a new song :)

After every heartbreak
You think I'd let you stay here in my arms
Because I'm that vulnerable

But the cry that tells me to run away
Never fully leaves my heart
Until I see you smile

There's just one thing
That I probably should've told you
Even after all this time
I will always love you

And now
The break's over
I can count on one hand the things
that make me who I am today
I'm proud to say thank you
for all the things you've done to save me
when I was alone the most


  1. me and my friend are supposed to write songs..
    cause he's a musical genious! :P
    and I'm supposed to write the lyrics.. but mine are never as good as yours.

  2. haha good luck! and thank you :)