Friday, May 14, 2010

Hide and Seek

Normally when I climb this mountain,
by this time I've hit the start of the climax
and bullet straight to the sky.
So why are we slowly walking downhill?

Retracing our steps,
and it takes so long on these switchbacks to make any progress,
which is why we are retrogressing into our past.
I only wish that we could go so far back...

And I could only climb so high
before you pull me back down,
unwilling to take another step.
Why are you afraid?

You could fear losing who you are,
but I know that this will never change.
Believe me,
I've been there.

Maybe one girl is not enough for your evident needs,
and I will never fulfill
you've ever wanted.

But my favorite option
is that if I knew,
you would be ashamed,
and the closer you come to me,
the more you are putting at risk of me knowing.
But I know,
and this knowledge is the key to your downfall.

I hold your world in my pocket,
and if I pressed the button,
you would crash and come running back to me.
So where are the alarms?
The walls that fly up to keep you captive?
The sirens to threaten you?
The sound of your footsteps
coming up behind me?

Why are you never there when you are supposed to be?

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