Thursday, March 18, 2010


Today I learned the powers of the internet...their ups AND their downs.
On my formspring, one person left a very unnecessary comment about the music I listen to which hurt my feelings, but didn't go deeper than that.  I retaliated smartly, and this is what I learned:

No matter what people say to you, or think about you,
NEVER let it get to your head.
Know who you are, and what your limits are,
and be the best you can be.
It doesn't matter what people think about you because if you're worried about them spreading rumors,
don't be.
If they're lying,
then they don't know you.
The famous quote "Keep your friends close and enemies closer" is bad advice.
Keep your enemies far away,
if not in person, then mentally,
because if they aren't nice to you,
then don't let them influence your self-confidence.
You are the best.
Know it.
Live it.
Be proud of it.

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