Saturday, March 13, 2010


I went shopping today with my mom and little sister, and I thought about what kind of stuff I wanted to buy, and what kind of image I wanted to put out about myself.  My friends and classmates know that I tend to wear fairly low cut shirts and short shorts, but thats just what I feel comfy in.  However, I DO NOT want to put out the image that I am a slut.  Or that I want to be. Because I don't, and I don't want people to get that impression of myself.
But what's sad is that people don't always get to choose the kind of image they put out, and this is a problem because people always say "don't judge a book by its cover" while in reality, it's extremely rare to find someone who follows this rule.  When I look at something for the first time, I try to look beneath the surface and get to know the person underneath their skin.  But because of the way the mind works, your brain already starts processing thoughts about this person before they even open their mouth to say a word.
People can get so caught up in the image that they want to put out, and they lose track of themselves and appear like someone they never wanted to be.  I personally know people like this, and it's really sad.  People who buy into the perks of the "popular group" and leave their old friends forever.  But sometimes, they regain who they really are again, and I will always be there to welcome them back.  You can hide who you are, but in the end, it's really hard not to have your true light shine through.


  1. I'm sorry if i everrr make fun of you for your clothes! you know i love you!! and i will never leave you for another group of friends
    don't forget
    the dream will come true

  2. hahaha its ok its not you that i mind...its all the boys who like me for waearing slutty clothes lol
    and whats the dream?