Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Acid Rain

As I sit here, typing,
my hair is still singed,
from the rain.

I turned it up,
so hot,
I was burning
so I sat down under it,
looked up,
and smiled.

I closed my eyes
and I could feel it eat me up.
I said,
I wanted to be gone
right then and there,
to have the rain swallow me whole.

And I waited,
with shut eyes,
still grinning,
as my skin slowly disappeared
and nothing was left of me on the floor.
Nothing was left at all.

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  1. Hi, Hannah. It's Sophia...sorry about the whole waterpolo thing...I was really depressed yesterday and today. Even Crystal noticed, even though I didn't tell anyone. Hope you feel better. Email me.

  2. Aw little sister!!! I dont want you to be sad :( k I'll email u