Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Wasn't Tagged.

So I wasn't tagged in this,
but I saw it and wanted to contribute my ideas.

12 things I like,
1 thing I love,
8 things I hate.

I like dreaming, where the lines between my harsh reality and my soft imaginary world of things-that-should-be blend together.
I like lip gloss and the way it makes my lips feel smooth and soft.
I like sunflowers.
I like running through the grass and mud in my barefeet, feeling it squish between my toes, and climbing up trees with the rough bark on my feet.
I like watching the rain fall down, down, down, and splat on the ground.
I like sitting in bed after a long day and singing to myself.
I like soft snowflakes falling on my hair and nose.
I like showers.
I like curling up next to my dog and knowing that in his world, everything is simple and okay.
I like when it's smoky from the fires and I can pretend I lead some dramatic movie-life in which every day I face the peril of whether or not I will live to see the dawn of the next day.
I like thunder and lightning and the way they make me feel so small in the world.
I like the way it feels to have the ball escape your hand and hurtle towards the cage, with the confidence that you know you've made this goal.

I love the feeling of having someone there to hold me when I need it most.

I hate backstabbers.
I hate it when you barely know someone, they become a great friend for a week, then disappear from your entire life.
I hate being in a crowd and yet feeling alone.
I hate the feeling when you know you're at the bottom, and you can't sink any lower, but somehow you must come up with the strength to get back up and move on.
I hate when you scream and scream and scream and no one can hear.
I hate knowing that I am insignificant in this universe.
I hate how people can not connect with nature any more and destroy all life around them.
I hate waking up every day knowing that out there, somewhere in the world, someone hates me.

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