Thursday, July 15, 2010


I think it was a half-year reunion,
in the winter,
in the snow.
5 days,
4 nights,
and I hadn't seen you in forever.
So I looked and looked,
and I promised to all my friends
that tonight,
the last night,
I would kiss you.
But you didn't even show up.

I think it was the next day,
but I was at the beach,
and he was there.
So we talked,
and hung out,
and waited for the tide to roll in.
And when it did,
our beds were in the water
so I crawled into mine
and he tucked me in.
I remember,
I thought,
he's going to kiss me.
He's going to kiss me.
And the weirdest part is,
is that I don't think I would have minded if he kissed me.
I might have even liked it-
but then I woke up.

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