Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It kinda went something like this:

She says: Why are you crying?

I think: Because I'm lonely and depressed.
I say: Because I like to.

She says: That doesn't sound normal.

I think: I've never really been normal, so what's the surprise?
I say: I think I have a problem. Like a disease or something.

She says: Like what?

I think: Depression. But you wouldn't know cause you've missed out on my whole past 5 years of life and it's all MY fault.
I say: I don't know. Maybe ADHD or something.  Or maybe depression.


She says: Well maybe we could take you to a therapist sometime.  Your cousins Julian and Nick go.

I think: Julian? But he's just a little kid! and you're too late anyways.  Three years too late.
I say:  I hate people.

She says: Hannah-

She walks away.

I slink into the kitchen and stick my face under the sink faucet and try to wash away my skin.


  1. for real?
    i don't like talking to my therapist, because he always "almost" falls asleep, and talking to people doesn't really solve my problems.