Sunday, January 3, 2010


The other day my little sister started telling us her New Year's "Revolutions", and we laughed at her mistake. However, I realized that maybe she was on to something. I still haven't made my resolutions, but here I'll try to make some. By looking at my year in review, I'll find my flaws so I can correct them, and maybe even made a revolution in my life.

-Fell in and out of liking (not love!) with one, but months later discovered that he had hurt me without me knowing
-Won over the heart of an older man, but realized he only liked me for my body and that I only wanted him so I could control him. Went to prom, then I dumped him. (after I found out that his mother had breast cancer...)
-Fell in love? maybe! with one boy, and he is so amazing. Never been more sure of myself around anyone else, something about him is incredible. I feel so comfortable with him and I don't know why, but I hope I'm not using him like last time. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be tough to win this one over...

-Lost my best friend to a boy, but got her back a couple months later, but the bond isn't the same.
-Became closer to two people.
-Made friends with the new girl over the summer during a math class.
-Became better friends with two guys.

Chemistry - I need to get THE highest grade possible because if I don't it won't look good for college
Math - Ad math suddenly got verrrry difficult due to the fact that all my classmates know something I don't...
Spanish 3-I have yet to actually speak in this class, which is a problem due to the fact its SPANISH :/
History - Ditto. This. Class. Sucks.
English - woopee! I'm doing better in English than I have in the last 5 years! :D

Sports: (well actually just water polo, not gonna talk bout volleyball/swimming)
- Started JV water polo!
- During swim season realized my passion for water polo to the point where I started crying in the showers.
- Joined the Rose Bowl Water Polo team = best decision of my life!
- Suddenly became completely awesome, wowed my coaches, and received a STARTING POSITION AS A SPRINTER ON THE VARSITY TEAM averaging 2 goals per game!!!

So here's what I'm come up with for my "Revolutions":
1. Don't go crazy over every boy that looks at you: it does not mean he likes you!!!
2. Like a guy for who he TRULY is: not because you want a boyfriend or because it makes you look better.
3. Don't freak guys out, or you will get hurt. If you get hurt, brush it off and don't let it stop you from winning over another man.
4. Despite the craziness over school, don't let your social life disappear/ruin your grades!
6. Don't be a pushover to my friends! Let them know when you're sad, or if they do something that bothers you: don't just pretend it never happened!
7. Talk to your teachers and let them know what you understand and don't, they don't bite! and it shows that you're responsible
8. KICK ASS!!! there's nothing else to it. Have your teammates respect and prove to them that you are at their level and that they can trust you.
9. You want to be tight with your team, but their will always be the tension between people competing for the top. Take advantage of your abilities to move up slowly and take everyone down one by one.
10. Now I sound harsh...last revolution! Be successful without a bad reputation.

Now there's all my resolution/revolutions which I WILL be sticking to and I will post about how successful I am doing.
I realized while writing these that they are all addressed to "you", whoever that might be, but then I thought that maybe, these revolutions can be guidelines for anyone, and they can be altered to your situations :)


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