Sunday, January 24, 2010


So I was kinda supposed to have a superblogbuddy weekend with my superblogbuddy because I have the first no homework weekend since like 8 grade. Unfortunately, I got preoccupied with things such as basketball games, girls named Deva, washing my dog, and raking the yard. Great. Now my mom just came home so I prob won't get to write much anyways, but I just wanted to comment on my many buddies whom I love.
First of all I would like to say to my many buddies out there: My blog is NOT my diary!!! I do write about my life but it's NOT the stuff I write in my diary so don't flip out and say I'm putting stuff that's too personal online. Cause really, sometimes I write vaguely and my diary is all my being a girl and flipping out about the world.
Anyways, here's a list of my buddies:
Superblogbuddy! you know who you are...looove you foreveerr!!!
Creampuffbuddy: you can always make me smile :)
Foreignbuddy: you know where alllll the parties and allll the alcohol is at, all the time, no matter what. I don't even relly benefit from this knowledge, but i do benefit from your knowledge of where the hotties are at.
Spanishbuddy: no, we're not really even in the same class but still idk what else to call you because we both fail spanish together
Fashionbuddy: you are not a very close buddy, but still there for me recently more than usual
Supportbuddy: you are young, but wise for your age, evenif you don't always act it. Your advice is always appreciated :)
Bustbuddy: even though your bust is like 5 times mine, you are still my buddy.
Littlesisterbuddy: title says it all!
Crazybuddy: you are ridiculously amazing and crazy. especially for your age!!!

and I know I can't label all my buddies out there, but if I did not mention you I would like to say thank you!!! for always being there for me when I needed support, and in my hard times always knowing how to make it up to me. I love you all!

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