Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rock Bottom

Today we had an away game, which we on 7-6, and the pool we played at was salt water instead of chlorine. The water really stung our skin, but felt good on my eyes, so I had them open underwater pretty much like the whole game. Which I thought was a smart decision until 10 min after the game when my eyes were incredibly itchy and I couldn't see well because a thin layer of white film was over everything I looked at. Lights are all fuzzy and it looks like everything is covered in fog. So I go up to one girl and say, "hey can you look and see if my eyes are red? I had them open like the whole game" and the girl next to her turns around and says "at least you were in the whole game. I played for 52 seconds." and looks reallllyyyy pissed off.
So I didn't know what to say, but there were a few things I might've said.
I couldve said, "Sorry, It's not my fault I went to the rose bowl and got pro while you didnt play any sports and now you're out of shape" but that wasnt a nice thing to say.
I might've said "I'm not that good at all really" but that would seem like I was fishing for compliments.
Then I remembered soemthing. I knew how she felt. Three months ago I was in her position at the Rose Bowl playing in the Monday Night League. The worst game I ever played was the one where I played for a minute, my whole family was watching and some friends, and while I was in I didn't even do anything that benefitted the team.
So what I said in the end was, "I'm sorry, I know how you feel." and I did.
Unfortuneately, I'm pretty sure she didn't freaking care because she looked at me with disgust and walked away. However, this taught me an important lesson. I realized how much I have grown in those three months. My coaches play me often and rewarded me by giving me a starting spot on the varsity team. I knew the reasons why I got there were my effort, spirit, and evident success.
This is the difference between me and the other girl.
She knows what she wants, but doesn't yearn to achieve it, but by pushing myself into uncomfortable situations and learning from my mistakes I became the better person in the end.
Am I a monster? I don't think the end of a battle, one side always comes out on top over the other one. This girl never learned how to leave the bottom.
I used to be on this bottom.
Not anymore.

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