Friday, November 13, 2009

Stalking Isn't a Form of Flattery

so there's this creepy guy at my school who's 2 years older than me and he randomly started hitting on me last night through text and then proceeded to call me to "confess his feelings" and "show me true passion so I'll be begging for more :P" WHAT THE FUCK this guy is sooo scary and delusional and I am so traumatized now. So I'm at school now and I'm trying to avoid him, luckily he doesn't have the same free period as me right now. If he asks me to winter formal, I may die.

On a happier note, I'm talking to my manly man right now :)
I was talking about my stalker and he was agreeing that he is creepy and even called him a "dumbass". He said not to worry about this guy, and that if he asks me to winter formal that I should say "no".


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