Monday, November 9, 2009


hello world.
This whole type of scene is new for me.
But I'm excited.
I probably should give you all the low-down on what I'm doing here, what I'm writing about, my "purpose", but I'm here to find out my purpose.
This blog will help me escape my reality, or at least fix it somewhat. hopefully.
a few things you MIGHT want to know about me:
~my "d" key is half-broken so pardon my typing.
~I'm not homeschooled, but the guy I like is (homeschooling is not lame. really.)
~I'm looking for advice and help!! anyone holler if you've gone through these same situations or have experience you are willing to share
~I am addicted to water. drinking it, swimming in it, i play water polo.
~I write songs! and if you're following this, you lucky ducks are gonna be the first people to edit and critique my work.

wellll...I'll probably post more tonight...after practice...but right now I'll post some songs to start you off with

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