Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Access Denied

so basically...I was really upset last night because I couldnt get any sleep in like a month so my mom said it was because of my computer and then she took it away from me. I dunno when I'll get it back, hopefully soon, so I'm writing to you, my trusty followers (if there are any), from a school laptop.
I'm on AIM right now and because it's 9:02 am no one is online, except for my lucky homeschooled crush.
Unfortunately I failed the last two days in the jacuzzi; therefore I must resort to Plan B. If I even knew what that was.
Hmm...I think what I'll do is I'll be the first girl in the jacuzzi, and I'll sit right next to him to begin with and I'll say "hey (insert name here)!" and then we'll see where it goes from there ;)
Well I havta go to my homework (that's due today...stupid english class) but I'll keep posting as often as I can to tell you how it goes.

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