Saturday, November 28, 2009


The dance is in one week! I'm so excited! I have my dress now: it's hot pink with a black bow and strapless and it's pretty short! haha but he won't mind... ;)
I know he's coming for sure because he wrote on my wall on facebook asking for all the info and everything!
Unfortunately, I haven't talked to him since Tuesday! (so it's been 4 days! haha that's a lot for us)

as a sophomore, that's a pretty big deal! I'm just so excited!!!!!!!!!
But the problem is, is that I found out on Wednesday and I haven't been able to tell him, but he supports me and I really want him to know!

Also, about how he wrote on my wall, his water polo friend also commented on it saying "awww :) hahaha"
I wonder if he told his friend about me ;)
just curious...

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