Tuesday, November 24, 2009


His sister told me that he FINALLY asked his parents! :D
He said "Hey mom, (my name) asked me to a formal" and apparently his mom was all happy (you know, like cute aww-my-little-boy-just-got-asked-to-his-first-formal kind of gushiness which guys hate). then he said, "so, I might need a tux" but that's all she told me.
Another small detail: I don't even know if he has to wear a tux but shh! (all guys automatically look 50 times hotter in a tux!)

I can't believe he's probably coming!!! For real! it's a dream come true!
He still hasn't told me yet that he's coming, and I don't know how long he'll wait before he does.
But honestly, who cares???!?! I'm just so excited!

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