Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I hate dealing with these stupid people
who are so full of themselves
and full of crap
and don't even know you.

I wish the world wasn't as insecure
as it is now.

I wish people could actually be themselves
and not care who got which grade on the test
and who is going to the exclusive party this weekend
and who seems like a bigger threat to your reputation
and just throw this bucketload of crap out the window.

I'm so sick of dealing with people who think they're all that
when it doesn't even matter.

10 years from now,
who will care that you had the most money in high school?
who will care that your classmates did worse than you on that one test?
who will care that you got high and drunk every weekend, every chance you got?

I thought becoming older meant that people started making better choices,
and learning the ropes of the real world.
But it seems that everyone else
is stuck in an endless loop;
a vicious cycle with no apparent end.

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