Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just a Little Thing called Love.

I used to spend every Valentine's Day thinking, "this time, next year, I will have someone to love who loves me back"
and every year, no lucky guy came knocking on my door to sweep me off my feet.
This year was no different.
All my single friends and I counted down the hours we had left to snag a guy to be our valentine's date.

But now I realize, every year I had someone to love who loves me back.
My family.
I came home today to two boxes of chocolates from my mom and dad, a cute handmade card from my sister, and a vase of flowers from my dad.
I started tearing up, being the wuss I am, and now I know what Valentine's Day is about.
You don't need a boyfriend to share your love with; all your family and friends will always be there for you.

Not saying that a vase of roses on my doorstep, or a midnight text saying "Will you be my valentine?" or Taylor Lautner wouldn't be nice, but, you know.
I've got all I need right here.

I love you.

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