Friday, February 26, 2010


It's that first feeling you get when know something big is going to happen.
When the anticipation races through your veins,
and you can feel it moving,
coursing like a river,
churning your blood until the feeling has moved into your whole body,
controlling every emotion, every thought, and every action.

This feeling moves me.
It's my motivation to stay on track, the force that keeps me going
even when I want to curl up and cry out all my pains.

Now on land, too.
Something happened.
And I know it will turn into something bigger,
but it is completely out of my control.
I feel your arms around my body,
never wanting to let me go.

I love that.

I need you to stay here with me,
be with me,
through everything in my life.

I know you can help me
to escape reality and you always know what is best.
You're so comfortable
I could stay here forever.

I'm addicted to your trust.

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