Thursday, February 4, 2010

All is Fair in Love and War

Siempre he sido manipuladora.

I hate to face the facts, but it's true. In Love you can get away with anything you like. Practically. Because it usually becomes "love" by that time.

I can get everything I want and use him to get it.
If he's not hot, I tease him and force him to like me, all the while telling everyone else how unfortunate that it is that he likes me.
If he's younger than me, I lead him on as a fun game, until it turns into a sick obsession.
If he's older, hot, smart, and thinks I'm cute, I manipulate him into liking me, then giving him myself in return for all the perks that come with dating the "perfect guy". A seemingly healthy relationship on the surface, but dig deeper and discover that it's a masquerade.

If he's barely older, even hotter, and even smarter, then he changes me.
I'm so used to being in control and getting what I want. But this time, he's strong. Not pathetic. And that makes all the difference. It sounds like a fun game until he shows you what's been missing and how cruel it really is.

It's not myself that changed me.
It's all him.

Thank you. ~


  1. ahhh, you're gorgeous!
    if thats you in the picture.
    thank you for following my blog